Thursday, 23 May 2013

How much it cost the maintenance of an romanian inmate

     How much it cost the maintenance of an romanian inmate

The monthly cost of an inmate in a prison is 2,397 romanian lei or 550 euro, mostly  1,619 lei representing a personal expenditure, showing the Ministry of Justice.The budget of the National Administration of Penitentiaries (ANP) for 2013 is 912.5 million lei, of which budget allocations are approximately  832 million lei and approximately 80.5 million are incomes. Of this budget, current spending are over 888.8 million lei, of which about 616 million lei to cover personal expenses and 160.49 million in goods and services.Compared to an average of  31,720 inmates in Romanian prisons, an inmate cost per month reached  2,397 lei, of which monthly budget allocation is 2.186 lei. The income of ANP will only cost 211 lei per month with an inmate.
ANP coordinates of  43 units, including a prison for women, four for juvenile prisons and eight prison hospital. All under the banner of ANP operates two rehabilitation centers, the National Training School of Targu Ocna Prison Officers and Training Center and Faculty Officers from Arad Penitentiary Administration, shows the answer to the question submitted by MJ MP Maria Dragomir.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Dog Suicide Bridge

                  The Dog Suicide Bridge

Over 50 dogs committed suicide in the last half century ,from a bridge in the southwest Scotland. Many scholars have investigated the causes bizarre behavior of animals, but he remains an enigma.In a clear day of 1995, Donna Cooper walked with Ben, a Scottish shepherd, to Overtoun, a bridge in the village of Milton,when, suddenly, the dog jumped over the rail and fell off a cliff at a height of 15 meters.
Same gesture, the same bridge made ​​and Hendrix, a golden retriever who, unlike Ben, was lucky to survive the suicide jump. "I was lucky because the place where he fell Hendrix was covered with muscles that have weakened the impact," says Kenneth Meikle, the dog owner. 
Interestingly,is that there are some similarities between cases that enhance the mystery of these strange incidents. One of them would be that all dogs jump through the right side of the bridge, including the last two parapets .Another similarity is that all quadrupeds who died in this place were part of the hunting breeds, the smell developed, such as Scottish Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Labrador.Other races don't have the same bizarre behavior on the bridge of Milton.
The bridge was built in 1895 by Lord Calvinist Overtoun above Overtoun River Burn. "Many people have lost their dogs on the bridge and now try to decipher the mystery of this place," says Dorren Graham, representing the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In 2005, in a period of only six months, five dogs jumped off the bridge. Seers have sought to determine whether to blame for this phenomenon as the spirits that haunt the bridge. "Animals extrasensory perception sensations easily, but I did not feel any negative energy," said Mary Armour, paranormal specialist who walked on the bridge with his Labrador  to verify the hypothesis. Instead, place seemed very quiet.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The success enjoyed by iPad Mini

 The success enjoyed by iPad Mini,well above      expectations of Apple

Mini iPad is currently the best-selling Ipad, far exceeding the company estimates, which provided an initial volume of only 6 million orders, resulting  rapid depletion of stocks of tablets and problems for store replenishment .If current trends continue, Apple will sell by the end of this year more than 12 million copies iPad Mini beyond the classical version of the iPad tablet, recently reached the fourth generation.
The price appears to be not an obstacle for Apple fans, who are willing to pay considerably more than for an Android tablet with similar features.
Success of the new iPad Mini, whose design concept was rejected years in a row under the leadership of Steve Jobs, is all the more surprising since its specifications are significantly lower than an iPad tablet 4 with 9.7 inch  screen non-Retina resolution 1024x768 pixels and reaching Apple A5 chipset hardware platform, specific iPad 2 tablet series.With a starting price set at $ 329 for the version with 16 GB internal memory and WiFi connectivity, iPad Mini could surpass the sales volume of the entire competition from Android tablets offer.
According to estimates  David Hsieh, an analyst at NPD DisplaySearch, iPad Mini could represent up to half of the Apple iPad tablets shipped in 2013, becoming the best-selling iPad tablet in company history


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

That is our value, these are our political values after 22 years.

That is our value, these are our political values after 22 years.

It seems that elections are over , "everyone is happy" ,we went back in time 22 years . PSD (USL) is back in power again. This year about 11 milion people voted of which 8 million voted PSD . Honestly i am disgusted for everything that happens in Romanian politics from 22 years . We are a nation of people who voted for a kg of flour , oil , sugar , 50 ron etc . Unconscious people for  that do not matter than tomorrow . I'm not a politic fan and not a member of a political partid , i am a simple man like everyone else .Young people from today are in PSD ( declared PNL-ist ) , young people are disinterested and illiterate in terms of political , always will vote what they hear from Mircea Badea or Antena 3 or from grandparents. Painfully sad and true! Wondering who voted? Stupidity, hunger, drink ...? Unfortunately these politicians are examples for future generations. Romanians are a nation of cowards,dont have a mentality of winners , with misery of salaries , infrastructure, this includes buildings, streets, we are with 2,000 years ago.

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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Ordered an iPad , and received five

             Ordered an iPad , and received five

It sometimes happens that when you order a product ordered from the internet , the package arrived at home is not exactly what you wanted , and distribution company put you something else in place of the product that you bought .
Alexa and her friend's mother have used Best Buy to order an iPad , everything went very well , until the package arrived at home and was opened . In package were five iPads instead of one .

Women have sent a letter to Best Buy , announcing that was an error. And the response from Best Buy was surprising:

" Hello Alexa .We want to tell you that we appreciate your honesty. Is something so rare in our days , thank you very sincerely .We, at Best Buy, we know that we made an error , but considering that we are around the holidays, i advise you to keep iPads and share them with your friends , family, as you think best .A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year " 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Youtube has received a new face

              Youtube has received a new face

            Google has changed again interface to bring in face the channel list that we are subscribe.

These changes are made to a project more ample started by google for bringing of collections of websites and applications to a common design , optimized for a clean aspect and simplicity in use. Google use same color in shades of white and gray that we find at Google + and Google Now. It seems that Google opted for an style interface Media Player . New window is now extended for of accommodate a list with all the chanels from Youtube where we are subscribers.Content is more closer to the top of screen and place playlist beside video .
Google hopes that , with this change , people to visit own channels , which until now have not enjoyed much success despite massive investments made ​​to promote and provide quality original content.

Friday, 7 December 2012

12000 victims in London

                    12000 victims in London 
                                  (1952 )

      60 years ago ,capital of England passed through a very difficult period for the British.
 In 1952 occurs the phenomenon of pollution the air , with the name "Great Smog" . At first, people did not know the dangers they are exposed , until they started getting sick of bronchitis and pneumonia.To the death  was only one step. Between 5 to 9 December 12000 people she lost their lives. People have died on the spot, because suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Poor quality coal , used by British people for heating of their homes led to this catastrophe.
People had faces covered to not intoxicate every time when coming out on the streets. Stores , theaters and opera have been closed , horse racing canceled , and trains suspended.
After 5 days terrible , weather improved , winds scattered clouds of toxic. 
After  "Great Smog " , London authorities have adopted low Clean Air Act in 1956 , that citizens have prohibited to use heat sources that causing appearance of smoke . 
 Great factories have moved to periphery.