Thursday, 23 May 2013

How much it cost the maintenance of an romanian inmate

     How much it cost the maintenance of an romanian inmate

The monthly cost of an inmate in a prison is 2,397 romanian lei or 550 euro, mostly  1,619 lei representing a personal expenditure, showing the Ministry of Justice.The budget of the National Administration of Penitentiaries (ANP) for 2013 is 912.5 million lei, of which budget allocations are approximately  832 million lei and approximately 80.5 million are incomes. Of this budget, current spending are over 888.8 million lei, of which about 616 million lei to cover personal expenses and 160.49 million in goods and services.Compared to an average of  31,720 inmates in Romanian prisons, an inmate cost per month reached  2,397 lei, of which monthly budget allocation is 2.186 lei. The income of ANP will only cost 211 lei per month with an inmate.
ANP coordinates of  43 units, including a prison for women, four for juvenile prisons and eight prison hospital. All under the banner of ANP operates two rehabilitation centers, the National Training School of Targu Ocna Prison Officers and Training Center and Faculty Officers from Arad Penitentiary Administration, shows the answer to the question submitted by MJ MP Maria Dragomir.

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