Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Dog Suicide Bridge

                  The Dog Suicide Bridge

Over 50 dogs committed suicide in the last half century ,from a bridge in the southwest Scotland. Many scholars have investigated the causes bizarre behavior of animals, but he remains an enigma.In a clear day of 1995, Donna Cooper walked with Ben, a Scottish shepherd, to Overtoun, a bridge in the village of Milton,when, suddenly, the dog jumped over the rail and fell off a cliff at a height of 15 meters.
Same gesture, the same bridge made ​​and Hendrix, a golden retriever who, unlike Ben, was lucky to survive the suicide jump. "I was lucky because the place where he fell Hendrix was covered with muscles that have weakened the impact," says Kenneth Meikle, the dog owner. 
Interestingly,is that there are some similarities between cases that enhance the mystery of these strange incidents. One of them would be that all dogs jump through the right side of the bridge, including the last two parapets .Another similarity is that all quadrupeds who died in this place were part of the hunting breeds, the smell developed, such as Scottish Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Labrador.Other races don't have the same bizarre behavior on the bridge of Milton.
The bridge was built in 1895 by Lord Calvinist Overtoun above Overtoun River Burn. "Many people have lost their dogs on the bridge and now try to decipher the mystery of this place," says Dorren Graham, representing the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In 2005, in a period of only six months, five dogs jumped off the bridge. Seers have sought to determine whether to blame for this phenomenon as the spirits that haunt the bridge. "Animals extrasensory perception sensations easily, but I did not feel any negative energy," said Mary Armour, paranormal specialist who walked on the bridge with his Labrador  to verify the hypothesis. Instead, place seemed very quiet.

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