Sunday, 9 December 2012

Ordered an iPad , and received five

             Ordered an iPad , and received five

It sometimes happens that when you order a product ordered from the internet , the package arrived at home is not exactly what you wanted , and distribution company put you something else in place of the product that you bought .
Alexa and her friend's mother have used Best Buy to order an iPad , everything went very well , until the package arrived at home and was opened . In package were five iPads instead of one .

Women have sent a letter to Best Buy , announcing that was an error. And the response from Best Buy was surprising:

" Hello Alexa .We want to tell you that we appreciate your honesty. Is something so rare in our days , thank you very sincerely .We, at Best Buy, we know that we made an error , but considering that we are around the holidays, i advise you to keep iPads and share them with your friends , family, as you think best .A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year " 

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