Friday, 7 December 2012

12000 victims in London

                    12000 victims in London 
                                  (1952 )

      60 years ago ,capital of England passed through a very difficult period for the British.
 In 1952 occurs the phenomenon of pollution the air , with the name "Great Smog" . At first, people did not know the dangers they are exposed , until they started getting sick of bronchitis and pneumonia.To the death  was only one step. Between 5 to 9 December 12000 people she lost their lives. People have died on the spot, because suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Poor quality coal , used by British people for heating of their homes led to this catastrophe.
People had faces covered to not intoxicate every time when coming out on the streets. Stores , theaters and opera have been closed , horse racing canceled , and trains suspended.
After 5 days terrible , weather improved , winds scattered clouds of toxic. 
After  "Great Smog " , London authorities have adopted low Clean Air Act in 1956 , that citizens have prohibited to use heat sources that causing appearance of smoke . 
 Great factories have moved to periphery. 


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